Professional Stretch Sessions



Professional stretch sessions can greatly improve flexibility by stretching specific muscles beyond their usual limits. This leads to increased joint mobility and overall flexibility. It also helps align the body, improve posture, and is beneficial for athletes and active individuals. Professional stretching enhances athletic performance, prevents injuries, and improves movement efficiency. It promotes blood flow, aids in muscle recovery, induces relaxation and relieves stress. The sessions stimulate blood circulation, delivering oxygen and nutrients to muscles and tissues. Professional stretching reduces the risk of muscle strains and injuries by addressing imbalances and restrictions in movement. It also enhances body awareness, allowing individuals to make informed decisions about their activities. Moreover, it provides relief from chronic muscle tension and promotes a sense of relaxation. Overall, stretching contributes to well-being by promoting flexibility, relaxation, improved posture, and stress reduction.



25 Minute Session $60

Focuses on one section of the body: either upper or lower body



50 Minute Session $100

Full body stretch 




25 minute- 5 pack $265

50 minute-5 pack $450





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