Assisted Stretch Therapy

Assisted stretch therapy is provided by a certified stretch therapist trained for this purpose. This form of therapy is designed to gently stretch specific muscles in a fully relaxed state. This leads to increased joint mobility and overall flexibility. It also helps align the body, improves posture, and is beneficial for athletes and active individuals. Assisted stretching enhances athletic performance, prevents injuries, and improves movement efficiency. It promotes blood flow, aids in muscle recovery, induces relaxation, and relieves stress.


The sessions stimulate blood circulation, delivering oxygen and nutrients to muscles and tissues. It can help reduce the risk of muscle strains and injuries by addressing imbalances and restrictions in movement. It also enhances body awareness, allowing individuals to make informed decisions about their activities. Moreover, it provides relief from chronic muscle tension and promotes a sense of relaxation. Overall, stretching contributes to well-being by promoting flexibility, relaxation, improved, improved posture, and stress reduction.


25-minutes $60.00

Upper or lower body or a specific area

50-minutes $100.00

Full body

Packages of 5

25 minutes $265

50 minutes $450.00

Ask about a 15-minute complimentary demo stretch!



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