What Is a Herbal Decoction?

For over 60,000 years, herbal remedies have been utilized by practitioners across diverse cultures. Among the various methods employed, Herbal Decoction stands out as a technique for extracting beneficial chemicals from plant or animal material. This process involves boiling flowers, roots, stems, and other relevant parts known to aid in the treatment of specific conditions. Once boiled, the material is carefully strained, resulting in a concentrated liquid that can be administered to patients for therapeutic purposes.

Insight Wellness Clinic has a comprehensive Herbal Pharmacy offering a range of services to its patients. Our clinic specializes in providing personalized herbal prescriptions in various forms including granulation and vacuum pack raw herb formulations. During this assessment, we will carefully evaluate your health needs and design a customized herbal formula tailored specifically to you.


Take the first step towards optimal wellness and discover the transformative power of personalized herbal medicine by contacting our office to schedule an evaluation.

For convenience, patients have the option to either pick up their refill orders from our office or have them shipped directly to their location.

Formulations We Offer

Herbal Granulation

Our clinic offers pharmaceutical-grade granules of herbs that can be conveniently dissolved in water or consumed in capsule form, providing easy access to personalized formulas. This modern extraction method ensures a superior product that delivers benefits comparable to those of traditional herbal decoctions. With these granules, patients can enjoy the convenience of individualized herbal remedies without compromising on effectiveness.

Hermetically Sealed Herbal Decoction

At our pharmacy, we use an airtight pressure cooker that carefully extracts chemical substances, organic compounds, and volatile oils from the herbs while ensuring that shells and minerals are decocted at the precise temperature to capture their full potential. The resulting decoctions are then hermetically sealed into single-serving pouches that are free from BPA and BPS, ensuring the highest standards of safety. These hermetically sealed pouches form the foundation for high-potency daily dosing, making them ideal for treating challenging conditions effectively. Batches are made to fulfill a 30-day prescription which is typically consumed once or twice a day.


45-minute consultation appointment, plus a 30-minute doctor's review of medical records before the scheduled appointment.

*herbs not included

Follow up

30-minute appointment (office or Zoom)

Herb reformulation


*herbs not included


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